• Psychoeducational Evaluation

Giving Students the Support They Need

If you or your child has been struggling in school or at home, your school or pediatrician may have recommended working with a psychologist to determine the cause of the issue and generate solutions to maximize educational outcomes. A psychoeducational evaluation can help us to determine whether the issues derive from a neurological-based condition like ADHD or an emotional-based condition like anxiety or depression, or whether there is a combination of multiple factors. We’ll help you figure out what’s really going on.

Our psychologists are mindful to create an assessment battery tailored to your specific referral question, paying particular attention to the goal of the evaluation and how the final report will be used in the future. Examples of this may include:

  • Eligibility for special education resources/Learning
  • Disability evaluations (IEP, 504 Plans)
  • ADHD
  • School-based or standardized testing/entry examination accommodations) including the ACT, SAT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT and GMAT).
  • Professional testing, such as state bar and licensure exam
  • ADA accommodations
  • School Readiness Testing
  • Gifted Assessment
  • Emotional/Behavioral concerns impacting classroom learning

Solving Problems

The results of our neuropsychological assessments point out synergies and strengths, while identifying opportunities for specific accommodations, medications, and resources that can help you child to reach their potential. You’ll have a better understanding of your child’s abilities, and strategies to pursue to help your child succeed. Ultimately, we want to provide you with a report that offers meaningful and functional changes to maximize your child’s ability to live their best life.

Taking the Proper First Steps

It’s important to get your child the care they need right away. If you are looking for an ADHD assessment, learning disability assessment, or psychoeducational evaluation, give us a call today. Our goal is to provide the best care to your child or loved one. We are available anytime you have questions or concerns. For information on all of the services that we offer, we invite you to spend some time navigating our website.

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