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How a 504 Plan Can Benefit Your Child

According to The Children’s Society, roughly one in six children between five and 16 years old have some sort of mental health issue. For these children, it can be difficult to keep up with their studies and hold themselves to the same standards as their peers. One way that parents can help ensure their child’s success in school is by establishing a 504 Plan.

504 Plans are Simple

A 504 Plan, named after Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, is a plan created to provide children with disabilities with the accommodations they need to achieve educational success. The plan outlines the necessary changes and adjustments that must be made in order to ensure the child’s success in school, such as modifications to instruction, physical education, or classroom environment.

504 Plans Provide Accommodations

The accommodations outlined in a 504 Plan provide the child with extra support and resources in order to help them keep up with their peers. These can include allowing the student more time on tests, providing assistance in taking notes, and therapy assessments, and making changes to the physical environment of the classroom to accommodate particular learning needs.

504 Plans are Individualized

It’s important to note that 504 Plans are individualized and tailored specifically to the needs of each student. In order to create a successful plan, parents must work closely with teachers, administrators, and other staff members at the school in order to determine what adjustments need to be made for their child. This makes sure that the plan provides the child with exactly what they need in order to succeed. These therapy assessments are invaluable for students with disabilities.

504 Plans Help Students Succeed

Having a 504 Plan in place is an excellent way for parents to ensure their child’s success in school. It allows them to receive the accommodation and support they need in order to keep up with their peers and achieve academic success. It also allows parents to be actively involved in their child’s education, allowing them to take an active role in helping their child succeed. With specific therapy assessments, 504 plans make it easy to track progress.

If your child is struggling with something that might interfere with their ability to learn, setting up a 504 Plan is an excellent way to ensure they get the support and resources necessary in order to be successful. To learn more, give our team at Elements Psychological Services LLC a call.